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wisey says:
Clovyr Code is VSCode in your browser. It connects and communicates directly with your git host, without sharing any credentials or information with anyone else, including us. The current beta creates ephemeral, private VPS instances on wNext (hosting by Clovyr) with no sign-up required. We'll be releasing the ability to target any cloud or on-prem instance soon. Get that cozy feeling of developing locally on a machine you control, with the freedom to never worry about setting up project-specific environments again.


On-demand, web-based development environments without the tradeoffs
Clovyr Code runs entirely in your browser and connects directly to a VPS that’s just for you, so you can manage your Clovyr Code instances with ease.
Powered by open source and full-featured VSCode, terminal and all
Development environments come pre-loaded with popular tools for working in your favorite languages. Start with a clean Ubuntu or pre-installed tooling like Node and npm.
Connect to any git repo: GitHub, GitLab, internal, or elsewhere
Finally, a consistent workflow and seamless switching between all your community, work, and personal projects. Our free plan even includes access to private repos, because privacy shouldn’t come at a premium.
The seamlessness of serverless, with the privacy and control of local development
Your code is your business, not ours. Clovyr Code requires only a web browser, and connects directly to your personal instance without any information passing through Clovyr servers.
Extend and modify your favorite workspaces to make them your own
Install VSCode extensions and configure a Clovyr Code instance to make starting new projects super fast. Soon you’ll be able to share these reproducible setups with your team and your favorite open source community.
Make open source contributions a snap
Distribute pre-configured developer environments that deploy instantly to a contributor’s own host. No more writing cloud-specific install scripts or expecting volunteers to navigate a sea of docs. Coming soon.

Better tools, better solutions,
happier teams

Clovyr brings the flexibility and ease of use of modern application development to next-generation applications: ones that help people and businesses connect in new ways while keeping sensitive data safer.

At Clovyr, we think differently. We think you shouldn't just have API access to someone else's infrastructure, you should control your own. We think privacy and security aren't products, they're emergent properties of thoughtfully designed systems. We think you'll like it.


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  • 15 hours per month
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  • Public & private repos
  • No user data collection